So What Exactly is a “Proud American Traveler?”

As your editor here at Proud American Traveler, my talented team of writers and I hope you will find a website that gets you daydreaming about exotic locations, sparks a restless desire to explore the world, arms you with plenty of time and money-saving insider tips – and entertains you along the way.

But first, what EXACTLY is a “Proud American Traveler?”


We’re independent…in thought, in outlook, and in the way we travel.

The late celebrity traveler Anthony Bourdain made a career out of striking out on his own to “Parts Unknown,” scolding Americans for standing in line to see the Eiffel Tower.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t have a “Fake News” CNN expense account to pick up the tab for our adventures.  We have to be smart and efficient in order to catch all the iconic sites and still have time to soak up the local culture of each place we visit.

We’re not afraid to set our own course and get off the well-worn tourist beaten paths to find that hidden crawfish shack way out in the Louisiana bayou

or craft a personalized itinerary of a country your friends couldn’t locate on a map.

There is no need to follow the tourist hoards or pile into a crowded tour bus when you are armed with the knowledge and confidence to chart your own path while exploring the world.


We’re honest — sometimes brutally honest — about what to see, what to skip, and how to survive the irritations and inconveniences of modern travel. For example:

How to keep from getting scammed by travel websites

How to survive that long red eye flight

How to avoid being stranded at your connecting airport

How to make sure the hotel bed bugs don’t bite

In fact, not only will we point you to the ten best Major League Ballparks, we’ll tell you about the five worst Ballparks too!

If it’s an overrated tourist trapa terrible restaurant, or an overpriced scam, we won’t sugarcoat it for you.

If there is a cheaper way to get from Point A to Point B, we’ll show you.

If there is a way around the airline industry’s nickel-and-dime fee racket, we’ll tell you how to do it.


We’re not bound by some elitist code of “Political Correctness” that censors the truth about exploring other cultures and countries.

We’re curious and open-minded.  After all, isn’t that why we travel?  To see for ourselves how other cultures compare to our own?

You bet!

So we’re not afraid to use our minds and our personal experiences — and the wisdom that comes from both — to state the obvious.

Even when the elites say we shouldn’t.

Let’s face it.  American bathrooms are better than those in Europe.

Domestic airlines are all pretty terrible at their mission.

Local drink and food is always better than corporate beer and chain restaurants – and gives you a sense of the local flavor and culture.

Despite the elites’ obsession with diversity, homogenous societies usually have fewer crimes.

Some countries are more violent than others.

Socialism doesn’t work.  Therefore homelessness, pickpockets, and government subsidized poverty doesn’t make for a pleasant destination.  That’s why American travelers need to be prepared to protect themselves overseas.

Of course all of that is pretty obvious, but you will never hear about it on CNN or The Travel Channel.  So come to Proud American Traveler if you want the truth, the real deal, the 411.


We are proud to be Americans.

We celebrate what makes America unique and great — our history, our monuments, our battlefields.

And we’ll proudly explore all of it in a gas-guzzling, emissions emitting, American-made muscle car if we want to!

If there are places in the world where Americans aren’t welcome, we’ll call them out for you.

Then we’ll tell you where Americans are celebrated with open arms.

Americans work hard.  Most of us get only a few weeks of paid vacation per year — if we are lucky.  Europeans average 6-7 weeks of vacation!

That’s why Americans travel hard and fast. When we pack the SUV or board that flight to begin our precious one or two weeks of vacation, we want to make the most of it.

And that is what this website is all about — helping “Proud Americans” see the sites, experience the culture, taste the cuisine, and take those Instagram ready pictures you will cherish for a lifetime.

So if that sounds good to you, we invite you to like us on Facebook and subscribe to our Newsletter here.

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